A warm welcome…


On Saturday over 200 people walked through the Washburne Cafe toward the bathrooms, took a right, and, joined us at Common Bond.  We are honored and over the moon that so many came out to share our mirth and celebration after months of anxiety, excitement, confusion & jubilation.

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It wouldn’t have been my kind of party if we didn’t make sure we shared with all our friends. Even as a small child, I made sure all of my animals had a spot at the table and chance to be played with.  This is why we invited Planktown, Simply Cycle, Haven, The Craftsmen, White Torch, Tailored, Meg Orion, Shield Catering, Rites of the Heart, Sacred Space, Hand of the Heart, Claim 52, Slightly Coffee & Rescued Living to be there too. It is my earnest desire to bring people together that drove the creation of company, STOP DROP & YOGA, and in turn, this studio, Common Bond.


But it wasn’t the size of the crowd or execution of a great party that defined the evening, it was the celebration.  Friends, family, children & strangers shared an energy of celebration. Every time I turned around, I witnessed a different circle of people alive: storytelling, sharing, hugging or laughing. This party was just like all the others, a celebration of a shared existence as one human race.  But unlike all the others, and true to yoga, this one had never happened before. Whether I’m teaching chair yoga or power flow, we are all united in body, mind & breath. United as a sense of community, coming together, sharing these…dare I say it…common bonds.


And our truest accomplishments in our lives, they are the same as the accomplishments in our yoga practice, they are the moments of new.  We celebrate them, the birth of a child, the christening of a ship, sending out with jubilation because of the inexplicable joy of newness! This joy, this is our mirror, reflecting back to us the beauty of what can be in just this moment, if we’ll only slow down and see.  Common Bond has just begun, and is already my second favorite child, but what our community is creating on the outside is what we all create, inside ourselves, whenever we step on to the mat…now.


Thank you to Quentin @ Breathe Photography!


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