DO IT – Part 1


If you live long enough in Springfield or Eugene, Oregon you learn a lot about Nike and tracktown USA. (Putting personal feelings about the company aside) the phrase, ‘just do it’ is about the most effective call-to-action in the history of marketing. And when it comes to yoga, there is no better way to start than simply ‘doing’.

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Do It Yoga - Common Bond - Springfield Oregon


“Get on the mat,” I’m saying.  Or, “Show up.” Or, if you prefer it more politely, “Be present.” Any of these succinct turns of phrase is enough to indicate your chief direction in any yoga class. Your responsibility is to arrive in this moment, successively, successfully, without hesitation and without ceasing.


It’s an incredible expectation, one of Atlasian proportions, especially as we careen toward modernity with increasing distractions around every tap of the ten fingers.  So where do we begin? As a yoga instructor, working you through your body’s requirements for any given day, I usually start with the most essential, the breath. Then we move on to the next, mental clarity and intention. Finally, we get around to arriving at the body and what sorts of stretching, lengthening & strengthening I have planned.

Do It Yoga - Common Bond - Springfield Oregon
Do It Yoga - Common Bond - Springfield Oregon


But when it comes to your reasoning for yoga? More often than not, we want to work backwards the from the outside in. Sure, do it to be present in the here and now! You must, and, given enough time, you won’t be able to avoid it, as that is the terminal destination of any meditation practice. However, ask yourself, what, on the outside, motivates you to get on the mat?

Is it your health? Your stress? Your kids? Your spirituality? Your ever present persistent madness, seeping out at the seams? Honestly, all of those are good reasons and good enough to show up, again, today, and tomorrow.  Just, do it for your ____. (



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