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Long before I owned a yoga studio in Springfield, Oregon, as a child, I insisted that everyone at least TRY to share everything. My stuffed animals each got a turn at the top of the bed. No classmate wasn’t invited to my birthday parties. And it wasn’t just that I wanted my friends to share in my experiences, I wanted everyone to create their own adventures, together.

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This past May, we invited anyone and everyone to celebrate our 1st birthday with FREE YOGA WEEK. 19 Classes, 100% free, 177 people, 217 times. Many came to Common Bond in Downtown Springfield for the first time. They came for their first yoga class, because they needed a break, to try something new & to share in the energy of a full room, breathing and moving together. They came together to do it for themselves.


This September we’d like to open our doors even wider to include more family, friends, colleagues and select dogs in our expanding yoga community. That’s why we’ve decided to make our fall promo about sharing. From September 9th until the 29th, almost three weeks, we’re inviting you to share your membership with anyone at no extra charge. It’s the 2019 Friends With Yoga Benefits campaign. We hope that you will take the opportunity to visit Common Bond. We want our friends to extend their yoga community to the rest of their community and make new friends along the way.


I created Common Bond so that you could be you, I could be me, and, we could do it together. Book yourself into class today by using the links below or share this with a friend!

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