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Yoga, Mindfulness & Wellness for Humans by Humans.

  • Who We Are

    A collection of humans who share a passion for yoga, mindfulness and movement for every body, Common Bond teachers are approachable, earnest & not afraid find humor in our every day experience.

  • Our Training

    B.A., B.S., M.A., Dr., Therapist, Manager, Classroom Teacher, Barista, Minister. But those are just labels. We’re fathers, mothers, partners, climbers, boaters, runners, bloggers, and more. Each of our teachers possesses a passion for connecting humans with movement and breath, cultivating mindful stillness. Our personal passion becomes a profession when you can’t wait to share with others.

  • Personal Consultations

    Our certified personal trainers and yoga instructors are always eager to work individually with students looking to learn a little more about their yoga & fitness goals.  Email Us for more information & rates.

  • Leigha Pritchard

    After a years of searching for fulfillment in physical activity Leigha found herself on a yoga mat in Eugene, Oregon. She fell in love with with the practice and the opportunity it provided for her to abandon the modern pressures of trending diets, and workout plans. The gentle influence of yoga deepened her commitment to her personal health and happiness over the last 8 years. She completed her teacher training at The Zen Spot institute in Eugene in 2016 and was excited to bring it with her to Ashland the following summer. Anxious to share her knowledge and continuously learn, you will find her classes to be driven, and all inclusive. Drawing from several types of yoga she shares a flow that is both strengthening and restorative for beginner and advanced students alike. Leigha invites you to commit to yourself during your personal practice in a welcoming and warm environment.

  • Benjamin WilkinsonOwner - Principal Instructor

    Benjamin desires to empower embodied structural exploration of our capacity as humans to change. He believes that yoga stretches beyond the borders of our physical health, into our families, workplaces and communities.

  • Big Queer Yoga

    For. Every. Body.

    Big Queer Yoga is a weekly yoga class that is open to anyone who identifies as LBGTQ+ and allies.

    Through intention and skillful means, we create an inclusive space for people to practice yoga and build community together. We work towards disrupting racist and colonial histories of yoga practice in the West.

  • Brit BoersmaYIN & PEMF

    Brittany Boersma is a certified yoga instructor, PEMF practitioner, energy worker, essential oil enthusiast, yoga retreat leader, coach, public speaker and co-founder of BZen Wellness. She has learned though the practice of yoga, therapy and meditation to thrive in even the most difficult times. We all have pain, really. Everyone has a story, and everyone has emotional challenges of some sort. “The issues are in the tissues” her teachers say. Our emotional health manifests in the physical body and raising awareness around this has transformed her life. The breath, movement, meditation, the foods we consume, our choices, all help us to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.

    For 7 years she co-owned and operated a Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Eugene, OR. She gained a valuable perspective during her tenure with Dutch Bros about the importance of radical self- care in leadership. She believes that as business owners and entrepreneurs, it is vital to take care of ourselves so that we can better support our team and encourage them to do the same.

  • Ashley Elston

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  • Lydia Van Dreel

    When not practicing yoga, Lydia is a musician and music educator. Lydia enjoys working with people of all ages, all body types, all abilities, and all genders, helping them uncover their own meaningful yoga practice. In particular, Lydia is interested in helping people overcoming injuries, and helping people who have lived sedentary lifestyles gain comfort and freedom in their bodies through yoga practice.

  • Danika Zahorik

    Danika Zahorik started her yoga journey when she was 15 after sustaining an intense sports injury. As a long time practitioner of various modalities of yoga from Bikram to Yin & Ashtanga, she believes wholeheartedly that yoga and meditation can profoundly heal ailments of the heart, the body and the mind. She makes it her mission to bring you peace and harmony through body movement. Know for a fun and creative teaching style, she’ll help you reconnect with yourself on the mat.

  • Chris Keithley

    It was a turning point in my life; it was something that I needed and I was finally ready for. In 2012, my practice found me, and it changed my life.
    In 2015 I decided it was time to take my practice to the next level and I trained at a 200-hour immersion teacher training in Costa Rica. Initially, I did not have any expectation to return home and teach Yoga. But soon after I discovered that teaching Yoga was what I needed in my life.
    After a couple years of teaching it was time to return to Costa Rica for a 300-hour immersion training, which was completed in August of 2017. In November 2017 I registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT-500 and am currently working towards my certification as a ERYT-200\RYT-500.
    Yoga found me at a time when I needed it most, and it gave me the world back to myself. It did so without expectation and without need for reciprocation. All I want is to do the same, to help others find the gift of giving oneself what they need.
    People often ask me what kind of Yoga I teach, I tell them that I lead the practices that comes from within. One day you may find me leading a powerful Vinyasa flow, the next day a Gentle or Restorative practice. Other times, I can be found leading Relaxation practices, Yoga Nidra, Meditations, Pranayama, and I have even been known to lead Mantra practices.
    My teaching comes from a seat of deep awareness of one’s presence and strives to bring people away from a place of duality, the idea of We or I, to non-duality, the idea of One. My ultimate goal is for people to realize that separation is an illusion and it is the idea of separation that causes our suffering.

  • Karan Estee

    Karan is a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher dedicated to her students’ desire to improving their well-beings through yoga and physical training techniques. She develops and leads cardio, yoga & fitness initiatives. Her innovative and practical approach to movement makes fitness fun & easy…even when you’re balancing on a paddle-board.

  • Louise Hutson

    Louise began Ashtanga Yoga training in 2005 with Paul Dallagan in Thailand. Currently she enjoys combining the flow of ashtanga with a deeper awareness of alignment and use of props. She also specializes in gentle and prenatal yoga. She has worked in a variety of settings including yoga studios and a drug and alcohol detox center. Louise’s yoga practice has not only encouraged her to move into the unknown with optimism but has also kept her grounded through the changes of life, big and small. She enjoys sharing the yoga journey with her students!

  • Austin Folger

    I believe yoga to be a tool for self-expression, creativity, positive reflection, and relaxation, while improving both physical and mental health. I encourage freedom of movement during classes and bring gentle reminders to not take yoga too seriously. I am trained in alignment-based vinyasa, so I provide many cues to help protect against injuries. My motto for yoga is “Check yo’self before you wreck yo-self.”

    Austin received his 200-HR RYT certification from Makara Yoga in 2015. He taught yoga in Gainesville, Florida for two years before moving to Eugene to pursue his PhD in Counseling Psychology.

  • Daphne BoydstonRestoration: Gentle

    I found yoga in 2013 as the light that lead me out of my own darkness. At a time when I struggled with deep depression and crippling anxiety, yoga showed itself as the path of true healing, self-love, and inner peace. Immediately, this practice became a vital aspect of my everyday life as I grew stronger and more uplifted. I was inspired to pursue the path of yoga. Since completing a yoga teacher training at the Shambhava School of Yoga, I have followed a dynamic, and sometimes challenging, road with my practice that has only lead me to unforeseen depths within myself and a profound connection to this experience of life. With each class, my focus is to guide you into a deeper experience of ease, joy, love, and acceptance with yourself. Typically, I guide restorative-style yoga classes that vary in asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, and community connection. If you visit Common Bond during a class that I am teaching, may I simply be an instrument to assist you as you move through your life journey. After all, you are your own guru!