Our Team of Humans

Wellness For Real Humans

Yoga, Mindfulness & Wellness for Humans by Humans.

  • Who We Are

    A collection of humans who share a passion for yoga, mindfulness and movement for every body, Common Bond Wellness & Yoga teachers are approachable, earnest & not afraid find humor in our every day experience.

  • Our Training

    B.A., B.S., M.A., Dr., Engineer, Manager, Team Leader, Barista, Minister.  Each of our teachers has completed a 200 hour or 500 hour (or both) certificate from a Registered Yoga Training school.  But those are just the formal labels. We’re fathers, mothers, partners, climbers, boaters, runners, bloggers, and more. Our personal passion becomes a profession when you can’t wait to share with others.

  • Personal Consultations

    Our certified personal trainers and yoga instructors are always eager to work individually with students looking to learn a little more about their yoga & fitness goals.  Email Us for more information & rates.