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We design yoga classes for humans. Our foundational instruction helps every student build tools they can use.


Mindful. Fitness. Human.
Foundational Fitness

Our classes are designed for function.  With smart, body based sequencing, our classes move you mindfully into each posture.  Our insightful instructors to help you build foundational fitness you can use.

Mindfulness Based

Most of the stress we accumulate lives in our body.  By adding focused breathing techniques, our classes not only help you feel better physically, but reduce mental anxiety, stress & improve happiness.

Built For Humans

Humans needs to strengthen, lengthen & stabilize, not twist into pretzels.  Pretzels are delicious. We help you start or grow your yoga practice from a our common bond, every day life.

Community. Wellness. Growth.

At home in Historic Downtown Springfield, Common Bond is the community’s yoga studio. And we believe that wellness comes from an investment in ourselves, and those around us.  With deeply rooted community, we support growth for everyone.




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Fits your body. Fits your budget.

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