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Workplace Wellness

Add yoga & mindfulness to your workplace, not-for-profit or team building environment with the STOP DROP & YOGA family of companies.

Teams experience tremendous transformation in their personal and professional lives by reducing stress, increasing focus, strengthening concentration & improving personal quality of life.

We have experience working with clients across a variety of industries including social justice, education, corrections, finance, healthcare, youth sports, as well as food & beverage.

the STOP DROP & YOGA family

Our Studio

Located in Downtown Springfield, Common Bond Yoga is the brick & mortar heart of our Human Movement Community.

Currently closed to public classes, you can book our virtual classes and workshops.

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Yoga Beyond the Studio. Every summer we run yoga & fitness events for our community in the best place on earth, the great outdoors!

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Benjamin Wilkinson, Founder, Common Bond


Benjamin desires to empower embodied structural exploration of our capacity as humans to change. He believes that yoga stretches beyond the borders of our physical health, into our families, workplaces and communities.

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326 Main Street

Through The Washburne Cafe

Springfield, Oregon 97477

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Springfield Oregon Yoga Studio Free Online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Common Bond Yoga in Springfield Oregon is offering free online yoga studio classes on youtube. Please join us for livestream yoga for all ages and levels via our YouTube channel. If you’d like to support Common Bond in Eugene Springfield please become a patreon member.

Common Bond is a community of different minded folks from all over Springfield and Eugene learning to breath, stretch & and improve their lives. We build our yoga classes for those who seek to improve their mental, physical, emotional and/or well being. We possess no expectations, no pre-judgements, no contracts or obligations that prevent you from self-discovery. Our mindfulness based fitness classes are a small sampling of one part of a larger yoga practice. We believe that through effort, introspection and a little sweat, we will discover that unity, in community, is our Common Bond.

Founded in 2018: We desired to open a Springfield Oregon yoga studio and create yoga classes that reflect the community of our historic city, situated across the Willamette River from Eugene. While there are many yoga studios in Eugene Oregon and Lane County, we believe Common Bond organically developed as a unique compliment to our Eugene Yoga community. Only the second yoga studio in Springfield Oregon, we are building foundations for life in the Historic Washburne District. Well over 100 years of history precede us in our building and the surrounding downtown community. Situated behind the Washburne Cafe & down the block from Planktown Brewing in Downtown Springfield Oregon, we’re honored to walk the same streets at the Simpsons and the Merry Pranksters.

Common Bond Yoga is one member of the STOP DROP & YOGA LLC family of companies, including, STOP DROP & YOGA and Cascadia Wellness Solutions. Together, these unique and partnered siblings build personal, professional and community wellness solutions for Lane County, Oregon. We offer each of our unique clients a mindfulness and yoga experience that suits the needs of the individuals, companies and groups it serves.