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  • review rating 0  This studio is one of my favorite in the the States. It’s a come as you are studio...welcoming, unpretentious, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s connected to a cute cafe. Awesome teachers, rad space, and friendly community.

    thumb Lesley Carney

    review rating 5  Absolutely love what Benjiman is doing here! Definitely check it out if you haven’t! 💗

    thumb Sarah Carlson
  • review rating 0  This is my favorite yoga place! I have enjoyed all the teacher and every class that I have tried. My favorite is the Monday and Wednesday class @ 9:30! It’s a good one. You won’t be disappointed.

    thumb Candace Bedortha Landreth

    review rating 5  I'm so happy to be a part of this teaching community. A most beautiful and amazing studio and people.

    thumb Karan Estee
  • review rating 5  I never really enjoyed going to a yoga studio until I came to common bond... I found common bond through the sister yoga studio stop drop and yoga and have found a place/ group of people I enjoy practicing learning and growing around. I recommend this place to any and all interested in yoga and more!!

    thumb Jenny Yvanez

    review rating 5  I love Common Bond! What a wonderful blessing it is to have access to this beautiful practice. Benjamin is a wonderful human being who is spreading love & light.

    thumb Amanda Pecora-Sutphen

  • review rating 5  I love starting my weekends here. Coffee, yoga, great instructors, warm environment. It puts the gym membership yogas to shame. Were lucky to have Benjamin and the instructors he brings in to Springfield in our community.

    thumb Brian Watson

    review rating 5  Common Bond Yoga is a welcoming and warm place where real human beings gather to move their bodies in strategic, beneficial ways. I always feel comfortable and cared for in this warm space and I get the sense that others feel it too. My favorite class is the 6:30 am "Common Core". Benjamin is a gracious teacher who encourages challenge but reminds me to be kind to my body. My day is always a good one when I start it with this class. I recommend this class for those looking for an intentionally designed space where they can feel comfortable in their yoga practice.

    thumb Matt Keeler
  • review rating 5  My wife and I just moved to Springfield and while looking for a home part of my research was checking out Yoga studios, as a teacher and practitioner it was important for me to find a home studio, that place where I can roll out my mat and feel at home. I checked out several wonderful studios and I knew about Common Bond but had not made it until we moved. The studio is very close to our home, and I am so glad that it is because it is the studio that speaks to me. The studio is beautiful and truly promotes a feeling of community from the moment you arrive. I first walked into the studio on a sunny afternoon and was greeted by Benjamin who immediately made me feel welcome in the space. The classes are built in a way that allow them to be challenging without being overly difficult, the props are plentiful, and the studio itself is full of exposed bricks and beams. Over the years I have rolled my mat out and practiced all over the place and few have immediately spoken to me the way that Common Bond Yoga does. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Common Bond, even if you already have your favorite studio check it out. Yoga is not about competition between studios, it is about one community practicing together as one, it is about coming together with our breath and our practice. Common Bond exemplifies that idea like no other studio I have ever been before.

    thumb Chris Keithley

    review rating 5  I started looking for a local yoga studio when I first found out I was pregnant. I sent them an email, promptly got messaged back on which classes would suit my long term goal during pregnancy. I enjoy the Gentle Common Core classes, which is great for me being a beginner as well. Benjamin always covers alternatives to each pose to suit what my body can do, also to prepare for limitations later on. Very informative and fun. Love the vibe, the classes, and the overall atmosphere! 10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend!

    thumb Aurora Kephart
  • review rating 5  I’ve looked all over town for a studio with WARM rather than hot yoga. My Physicians Assistant who is a runner and cyclist, like myself, suggested this studio, saying it’s the best practice she’s found to help with flexibility ! She was RIGHT !!! I like the common core class offered by Benjamin! It’s the PERFECT practice with the PERFECT teacher. I also love the evening classes offered and the multiple times on Saturday and Sunday. I’m glad to have found this space.

    thumb Trina Kanewa

Our Common Bond

Common Bond is a community of different minded folks from all over Springfield and Eugene learning to breath, stretch & and improve their lives. We build our yoga classes for those who seek to improve their mental, physical, emotional and/or well being. We possess no expectations, no pre-judgements, no contracts or obligations that prevent you from self-discovery. Our mindfulness based fitness classes are a small sampling of one part of a larger yoga practice. We believe that through effort, introspection and a little sweat, we will discover that unity, in community, is our Common Bond.

Founded 2018

We desired to open a Springfield Oregon yoga studio and create yoga classes that reflect the community of our historic city, situated across the Willamette River from Eugene. While there are many yoga studios in Eugene Oregon and Lane County, we believe Common Bond organically developed as a unique compliment to our Eugene Yoga community. Only the second yoga studio in Springfield Oregon, we are building foundations for life in the Historic Washburne District. Well over 100 years of history precede us in our building and the surrounding downtown community. Situated behind the Washburne Cafe & down the block from Planktown Brewing in Downtown Springfield Oregon, we’re honored to walk the same streets at the Simpsons and the Merry Pranksters.


Common Bond Yoga is one member of the STOP DROP & YOGA LLC family of companies, including, STOP DROP & YOGA and Cascadia Wellness Solutions. Together, these unique and partnered siblings build personal, professional and community wellness solutions for Lane County, Oregon. We offer each of our unique clients a mindfulness and yoga experience that suits the needs of the individuals, companies and groups it serves.